Hello Tawsemaker,

Just love your site with all your toys on display. I would like to let you know that I have bought various toys from you over the years and they are a joy to use and receive. I have the ‘Bottom Spanker’ which really is my favourite, due to it being great for otk and is even suitable for the thighs (folks use your head here)!!! I also have your mini oval paddle as well as the oval one with the hole – these are also excellent and can even be used on the feet. I also have the thick strap with the holes, this is great for the sweet spot and for ‘colouring in’. Of course, being thick it can be severe; but in the right hands it is a delight to use and receive.

Now to the tawses. I have 2 x3 tails, one heavier and more dense than the other and are more than comparable to the original Lochgelly. I also have a 2 tail XH that you made for me – and this is very severe and again more than comparable to the original Lochgelly. For all of you who find the originals too pricey, these products of Tawsemaker are excellent quality both in shape, weight and balance.  Especially important for those folks who enjoy hand tawsing in the traditional Scottish type discipline as being balanced they deliver a ‘true’ stroke, thus hitting the target area, namely the palm instead of the side of the hand.

Hope this critique is helpful to you because I do believe in giving praise where it is due and your craftsmanship does warrant that.

Best wishes,

Miss Redden


Someone recommended the ‘MC Customs’ website to me because I was looking for some more corporal punishment implements. I was immediately taken with the Oval Paddle and the Holed Spade Paddle so I bought both of them. Of the two, my favourite is the Oval Paddle because it smacks off the buttocks with a lovely loud crack. It’s a delight and very easy to use.

I was also after a heavy strap or tawse and, after speaking to Mike, the owner, I decided on the Glasgow strap. This is made from really dense, heavy leather and is great fun to use; comparable to the Lochgelly tawse. I also prefer the authentic austere look the straps have rather than a fussy and unnecessary decoration.

I like this company and its products because they put a lot of enthusiasm and love in the work they produce rather than the mass-produced items available from other suppliers.

Miss Spiteful 


I am a professional Domme that uses various implements, but among my favourites are M C Customs leather tawses and paddles. At first glance you spot the quality and craftsmanship.  They certainly deliver the goods, as many a client knows !!!


Mistress Skye


The strap is one of the most versatile correction tools available to disciplinarians. Over the years there have been many variations of the strap, such as the tawse. The beauty of the strap is that it can be used repeatedly with force, causing great discomfort to the recipient without causing any real, lasting physical damage.

I have ten or more straps and tawses each slightly different in length, weight and general design. Although it’s very easy to buy a strap, I have found that buying a good strap, which is made by someone who understands what’s required of the implement, is a different thing entirely. There are very few suppliers of good quality straps and tawses, and even less that supply them at a reasonable price. I have bought many straps and tawses from M C Customs, and have been happy with every one of them. They have all been made from high quality leather and finished to a standard that I have never seen matched on similar products from other suppliers.

Miss K. Stricktland


My clients can testify to the fact that the Tawsemakers belts and paddles are all extremely effective implements. To me, they are beautifully crafted tools which are both a joy and delight to use. Each and every piece is wonderfully well balanced and ensures accuracy of aim and precision in the weight behind each stroke. I can thoroughly recommend the use of any implement of ass and hand destruction which the Tawsemaker has made.

Mistress Beth.