Background To M C Customs

Note: I will be on holiday between the 25th of April 2019 and the 22nd of May 2019.  Please do not place orders during this period, as they will not be dealt with until I return. Any orders placed before the 25th of April will be posted before I leave.

Have you ever sent your hard earned money, for an implement that turned out to be of poor quality? We have! That is why we decided to produce our own. After various comments on the quality of the workmanship of our tawses, we developed our range of products to match our ever-increasing clientele.


M C Customs have been manufacturing high quality leather tawses and paddles for more than 20 years. In that time, we have developed a reputation as being the best in our field for quality and value for money. We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality products available and providing an excellent customer service.


As enthusiastic collectors of original tawses, we make every effort to ensure that our tawses are as accurate as possible to their original counterparts. Since each of our items is carefully hand-made, we pay attention to the smallest details, thereby ensuring we produce the best replica tawses in the business.